Top Fuel Efficient Hybrid Cars in Pakistan Price Features Mileage Details Pics

Pakistan is making progress in all fields, especially in technological factors as they import top fuel efficient hybrid cars in Pakistan. Many improvements have been made in the automotive industries. The trend of the hybrid car is also increasing now. More and more hybrid cars are running on the roads after clearance their fuel mileage average concept in people. Japanese embassy gifted the people of Pakistan 120 hybrid cars totaling around 45 crore PKR as a measure to increase law enforcement. This is part of the Non-Project government aid to Pakistan which goes directly to strengthening the Police fleet in Pakistan. These car’s are very sleek and stylish look with high quality interior and exterior designs shape look.

Hybrid Cars in PakistanTop Fuel Efficient Hybrid Cars in Pakistan Price Features Mileage Details Pics

Following top 5 Hybrid cars in Pakistan price features capacity fuel average speed limit comfortable new models for family, students, children’s, businessmen, job holders, and job searchers etc.

Honda Vezel:

Price in Pakistan is PKR 3,600,000/-

Vezel is a compact class crossover SUV that Honda Motor Co. produces and sells. In the overseas markets with the exception of China is sold under the name of HR-V car. This article also describes the hybrid car (Vezel Hybrid). Vezel is a small crossover SUV that has been developed based on the third generation Fit (CUV). It has the strength of the SUV, with a fascinating coupe and a user-friendliness and multi-faceted value that goes beyond the limits of fuel efficiency. The vehicle debuted for the first time during the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013. The car is shown in a production version of the same year as a Detroit Urban SUV Concept model. The vehicle arrived at the showrooms in Japan in December 2013. In the European market the car will most likely arrive in 2015 under a different trading name. It debuted in the US market in 2014.

The production version in relation to conceptual has revised headlights and grill. The vehicle is based on the fourth generation of Honda Jazz combining the features of a car, SUV, minivan functionality and the elegance of a coupe. Under the hood of the vehicle hit a petrol engine 1.5-liter gasoline engine and a hybrid (1.5 L) and an electric motor called the Sport Hybrid i-DCD. The car is the first production car with the hybrid drive featured with four wheel drive.

You can also Buy Honda Vezel used in Pakistan.

  • Honda Vezel for sale in Karachi
  • Honda Vezel for sale in Faisalabad
  • Honda Vezel for sale in Lahore
  • Honda Vezel for sale in Islamabad

Honda CR-Z Sports Hybrid:

Price in Pakistan is PKR 3,419,000/-

Honda CR-Z Sports Hybrid 2016 is launched in Pakistan by the Honda Japan. It is a sport compact hybrid electric automobile vehicle. Honda CR-Z Sports Hybrid 2016 has aggressive style and 16-inch alloy wheels give the extra attitude. It has keyless entry. You can unlock the doors without fishing for your keys. Its headlights have the new shape. Honda CR-Z Sports Hybrid 2016 led brake light use less energy and help increases driver visibility to other vehicles. Honda CR-Z Sports Hybrid 2016 is powered by a 1.5L i-VTEC SOHC inline-4 engine. A six speed manual transmission is standard equipment and also continuously variable transmission is available.

Toyota Pruis:

Price in Pakistan is PKR 4,499,000/-

Toyota Prius is an automobile manufactured by the Japanese automaker Toyota, which uses a Hybrid Synergy Drive-called gasoline / hybrid electric drive. The first generation of this vehicle arrived in Japan at the end of 1997 in the market and was located in the market segment of the compact class. The second and largest designed Hatchback generation was introduced in late 2003 and belongs to the lower middle class. Since spring 2009. It is sold in the third generation model worldwide. The Toyota Prius was the first production model in series with built-in hybrid unit. By combining a gasoline engine with two electric motors, low fuel consumption is achieved along with an aerodynamic shape of the body. According to factory specifications in 2004, the standard Prius II consumption was 4.3 liters of premium gasoline and the Prius III in 2009 at 3.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

Unlike pure electric cars, the Prius applies electric power only to plug-in hybrid variants of the electric grid. The hybrid nickel-metal battery is charged while being driven over the generator by the combustion engine and by recovery, ie through energy recovery during braking and braking. The battery charge status and power flow are automatically displayed on a central display. In order to allow a long battery life, they are not fully charged or fully discharged. Hybrid cars like the Prius have an automatic power management system that automatically decides which engine is used: During start and at low vehicle acceleration and while reversing, once the engine has reached the operating temperature Required, the Prius exclusively powered by electric motors. It has no fuel consumption at this stage. In stop-and-go traffic, the gasoline engine starts to accelerate, however, it shuts down again automatically as soon as the gas is withdrawn.

The automatic shutdown of the gasoline engine is usually provided that the gas is removed, so when traveling downhill, braking or boating. Only when the battery charge level falls below a certain minimum level, the gasoline engine does not shut down at this stage. The pure electric range when the gasoline engine is turned off manually, is with a complete battery a maximum of two kilometers to 50 km / h or four kilometers to 25 km / h. With the help of Ni-MH batteries in the Prius, the engine always shuts off without loss of comfort.

Toyota Prius Used models easily found in Pakistan.

  • Toyota Prius for Sale in Karachi
  • Toyota Prius  for Sale in Lahore
  • Toyota Prius for Sale in Islamabad

Toyota Prius Price in Pakistan Final Rates

  • Toyota Prius 2012 Price: 25 Lacs
  • Toyota Prius 2012 Plugin Hybrid: 27.5 Lacs
  • Toyota Prius 2013 Price: 29.3 Lacs
  • Toyota Prius 2014 Price: 38 Lacs
  • Toyota Prius 2015 Price: 37 Lacs
  • Toyota Prius 2016 Price: 36 Lacs
  • Toyota Prius 2016 Price: 39 Lacs

Toyota Aqua:

Price in Pakistan is PKR 1,900,000/-

Toyota Aqua, the name for the Japanese market, Toyota Prius oc for the Australian and American markets, is a hybrid car produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota launched in December 2011 in Japan, the first deliveries began in January 2012. It did His public debut At the Tokyo Motor Show, which opens on December 3, 2011. It is a four-meter-long, five-door car that complements the family of 100% hybrid (gasoline-electric) models Toyota in Japan: it is well classified in model access to a range composed by the Prius Alpha and Lexus HS. The range includes other hybrid Toyota models, but they also have thermal versions (Auris, Crown, Estima). Aqua uses the technique (HSD) and the engine sold since the summer of 2012 in Europe, the Yaris Hybrid: a petrol engine of 1.5 liters and 4 cylinders of 74 hp associated with a electric block of 61 hp.

The version of Access is shown at 1.69 million yen in the Japanese market and announces an average consumption of 40 km / liter (2.5 l / 100 km), measured according to Japanese standards. It has 14-inch wheels; The top two versions, equipped with 15-inch wheels promise even 37 km / l (2.7 l / 100 km) with a maximum price of ¥ 1,850,000. The Toyota Aqua is produced in Japan and sold for export under the name of Prius C as well. But it is not intended for the Western European market.

Toyota Aqua used car in Pakistan.

  • Toyota Aqua for sale in Karachi
  • Toyota Aqua for sale in Lahore
  • Toyota Aqua for sale in Faisalabad
  • Toyota Aqua for sale in Islamabad
  • Toyota Aqua for sale in Peshawar

Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan

  • Toyota Aqua 2017 Price: 24.5 Lacs
  • Toyota Aqua 2016  Price: 23.5 Lacs
  • Toyota Aqua 2015 Price: 22.5 Lacs
  • Toyota Aqua 2014 Price: 21.5 Lacs
  • Toyota Aqua 2013 Price: 19.5 Lacs
  • Toyota Aqua 2012 Average Price: 18.5 Lacs
  • Toyota Aqua 2011 Average Price: 16.8 Lacs

Honda Civic Hybrid:

Price in Pakistan is PKR 2,019,000/-

It is the automatic and latest version of the Honda Civic. It is substantially bigger than the old versions. The Honda Civic Hybrid is equipped with all that facilities that a user can expect from such type of car. The exterior of the Honda Civic Hybrid is very attractive. The Headlights of are amazing and new bumper and front grill puts it above the previous version. Its front and back doors are in stylish look. Honda Civic Hybrid is available in different attractive colors.

Daihatsu Mira:

The Daihatsu Mira is a model of the Japanese manufacturer Daihatsu. He is the successor of the Daihatsu Fellow Max. On the export side is the Cuore model (Italian: Cuore for the heart) and partly Charade. The market launch in Europe as Cuore was 1981. By European standards, it was unusual for this small car to be available as a three-door and five-door from the outset. The Mira Cuore was considered the smallest five-door car in the world. Initially it was motorized with a two cylinder engine. Although most Mira models are gasoline and diesel, a good chunk is also available as a hybrid and can be easily found for greener buyers.

Daihatsu Mira Used Models rates in Pakistan:

  • Daihatsu Mira for sale in Karachi
  • Mira es for sale in Karachi
  • Daihatsu Mira for sale in Multan
  • Daihatsu Mira for sale in Lahore
  • Daihatsu Mira for sale in Faisalabad
  • Daihatsu Mira for sale in Gujranwala
  • Daihatsu Mira for sale in Rawalpindi
  • Daihatsu Mira for sale in Islamabad
  • Daihatsu Mira for sale in Peshawar

Daihatsu Mira Price in Pakistan

The prices for different Mira models are as follows:

  • Daihatsu Mira 2014 Price: 11.5 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Mira 2015 Price: 9.9 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Mira 2016 Price: 9.7 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Mira 2017 Price: 10.5 Lacs

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